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servation, with the aid of antiseptics, anesthetics and aseptic

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the epithelial layers of certain tissues, as for example in the

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aggravation of their sufferings, and worse condition of the dis-

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may be discovered. When these reach the inner or outer sur&ce of the

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Case V. — C. E.. aged 28. a baker, was sent to me,

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and is given again on the following days, if necessary. I have seen several

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no iilind, necessitous action in any department of nature, but recognizes in

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" Certainly It Is exa i author to feel that he 1 . be has to

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Hospital, and Medical Officer of Health for Camberwell.

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that a single council would prove awkward in operating two

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healthy and were not removed ; the abdominal cavity was flushed with two

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12, at Saco, Me., was born at Topsham, Me., in 1826.

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a day, for half an hour in hot water, so as to flush them as much as possible.

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a much greater output, while the aortic delivery remains practically

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to follow destruction of the labyrinth are phenomena not

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negative results were confirmed later by other methods.

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ruled in that way, in order that plenty of rope should be given to the

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ing. I have stated elsewhere, and have been confirmed

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rid a wound of the agents and subjects of sepsis." The final establish-

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Class 3. The etiology and pathology of this form are unknown, but the

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prefaces his paper, find a quick response in my own mind, and I adopt

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But my experience is qmte in accordance with that of Erb, who found an

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ently present as when in the hospital. Cardiac compensation was good, but there

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A rubber washer fits into a groove round the neck of the jar or bottle,

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it is only one of many which are coiistantly occurring, showing under

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we can expect to be successful in curing hydrocephalus,

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in the Weigert apparatus used the air fell from 300^ F.

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the exact contour of the bladder and any goes on, and are strictly limited in position;

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may result from cortical or subcortical lesions. They also may be

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Philadelphia, Pa., J. MITCHELL BRUCE, M.D., F.R.CP., Lon-

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greater degree the author's modification of it, answer all these conditions. Park-