sion, the vital powers are being taxed by the constant pain, the great

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and Master of Surgery (Ch.M.) ; and the University may also confer Diplomas in Special

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established in the year 1792, at St. Paneras near London,

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"Wiesb., 1886, V, 499-514.— Wood (H. C.) Cold as an anti-

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the stumps of the amputated limb must be fixed up by the means

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The fibres and sheets branch and anastomose freely ; they do not give

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ordinary labor. Ilis suffering was indeed intense. Rest, ano-

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Doctors and Dentists. HRS: G-4 files, "Hosp, vol. IV."

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which savage nations possess, as well as in the fact that where

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sion. The knuckle of intestine was about the size oi

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aromatics. A half-ounce of the leaflets may be infused

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condition is most frequently observed at the lower end of the femur and at the

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artery, the case of Calder appears to me to be of great value, as the

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injury, provided it be not crushed, or that foreign bodies or

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arteries are exceedingly numerous, and lie chiefly between the walls of the fibrous par-

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*• • •• ••• • * ••• * «« •• •

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The thickening of the ependyma of the ventricles, Avhich has been

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necrotic contents, with a smeary mass of a white, yellow,

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consequently should not be given in scarlet fever, or

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Stained smears and India ink preparations alike fail to show any causative

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also found a similar change in the antero-lateral columns of the spinal

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duce mycelia and does not form ascospores, but appears and persists in

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the tincture of belladonna, or preferably a solution of atropia (atropiaB

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strength. No unjileasant consequences, except a small

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to add to these precautionary measures the determina-

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diastole of the ventricle.* But it diftcrs from the presystolic murmur in

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formation from Laurentius Eusius. It killed more than one

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record delivered by Cesarean section, it is hard to believe that certain races

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measles, with each of which it possesses certain fea-

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ing its congenital form is leading to more strict attention to the pos-

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hol cannot 1»'j us-d properly unless it he n>ade at the