Moli^rehas drawn a truthful picture of the refined hysteric in Les Predeuses.
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from the fourth to the seventh day of the eruption. It is so slight that
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Church in Eoxbury in 1828. After a successful practice in this place
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Dr E. A. Mills-Roberts, Bryn Meurig, Bethesda, Bangor,
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none of the manifestations of severe smallpox, with but
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Chart I. — Group of nine persons, whites, both sexes, average
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normal sequence in the appreciation of the colors in the
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citizens, the welfare of those charged with the duty of bringing
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diseases of the brain is greater in childhood than in later life, a greater interest
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tion and cicatrization should be delayed. The difficulty
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and in the latter, tumors, aneurysms, enlarged lymph-glands (which paralyse
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cases there are many casts, but sometimes they are so scanty as to require
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