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more or less impregnated with gaseous and mineral matter.
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the headache, pains in the limbs, and fever, were much increased;
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only parturition, which was protracted, as I was informed, and
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The tincture which follows, secures the complete exhaus-
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of the toxical materials, so frequently, and with such a show of learn-
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firmly impacted, apparently, in the superior strait, dense and
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educated and honorable medical men, and particularly that the medi-
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us was prolapsed, and its anterior lip much enlarged and
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hood, are not aware how much more comfortable a harder and
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We have also received from another source, the Senate documents
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will be as widely known as the celebrated tincture of benzoin cure, which
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not being a lucrative* calling, and why is it that so many fail and discard it
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strong twine opposite each ankle, so as to leave a loop on each
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that it is the great centre of a series of actions in the animal
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form or stage of the disease is attended with fever." The disease,
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course" students into the wards of a hospital, as well as the fact
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what at least at one time were women, but are now both physio-
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surface ; and I believe, if the foetus had not been still born, that
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ever, well supported ; while there, his health continued to improve, and at
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have reason to believe that the effect of the application very ma-
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The Uuiversity of Michigan is fortunately situated in this respect,
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rous cancer. Yet the general health seemed unimpaired and the
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distinct space containing liquor sanguinis. In this liquor a
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duly set forth. In reference to its silence, the Journal has, it says,
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494: Allen On the Mechanism of Nervous Action. Nov.
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So is it with the excitor force which commands the tiny fi-
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plexion and brownish hair. Eeports that, about four years ago,
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the following from Parri sirs Practical Pharmacy, constitutes
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in London four deaths from cholera and choleraic diarrhoea ; whilst in the
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the entertainment. On the evening of the third day a Smoker
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resist the influence of the general predisposition, by what is known
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cure, and on the whole the results are satisfactory.'
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would willingly spare ; with most exquisite humor and sense of the
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