anxiety great, and her fear, not without reason, that she might

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buing the profession with the belief in the identity of the two drugs.

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always as prevalent, though only now discovered by the improved means

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cataract, 55 ; metallic mercury discharged by skin,

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extending centrifugally from the point of origin. The activities of

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acetate of lead and gallic acid, may be tried with advantage.

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thigh, under the antiseptic spray of proper strength, and secures the

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per cent It is usually accompanied by severe fever of long dura-

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have previously alighted on sputum (Spillman and Haushalter, ]\Ioeller,

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Here is the last book which has been published on the

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trated by oneiiundred f)nd nineteen highly. finished Wood

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consideration compHcates the question not a little, as, except for

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shows cardiac and respiratory oscillations, as do the unclosed fontanelles.

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Having applied a spray of five-per-cent solution of cocaine, and

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sion that it has become broader. The neuroglia, which in the eirij

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was a little less than one-half the normal standard. The amount of urine passed

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cal patients. The author thinks there is no danger of

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contrary, is a receptacle for the vital spirit blended and mixed with the

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The author's opinions were based upon forty fatal cases

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preparation, but they are alwaj^s less in number than in preparations

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medicine, and there were only a few whose digestive organs would not

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has produced few favorable results. The excision of one or several

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remission, and, even where the birth-pains apparently begin during early con-

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Franchini. Riv. crit. di. clin. med. Fircnzc, 1910, xi, 745 to 761.