it a common malady, it is sufficiently frequent to merit careful attention.
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School claims that he was never notified of the modified regulations of the
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Case 3. — Mrs. H., aged 41, whose main trouble was charac-
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but diphtheria suspected, of which no trace now remained in the
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ceded menstruation as its regular herald ; in seven,
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by an immediate rise of temperature, which betrays the unseen mis-
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transmission of the parasite in the insect host. Button accidentally
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impaired. April, 1885, she had an attack of perimetritis
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rent Immunoelectrophoresis in the evaluation of childhood
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fingers, the feet seized, and the child extracted. The
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But the morbid condition of the blood peculiar to scurvy may exist to
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See fourth page following reading matter for RatC9 of Subscription
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with cough, dyspnoea, and more or less fever. We find certain rales, and
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jects as compound hairs, markings on the scales of Podura plumbea, Lepisma
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that is all a man can do for himself, for his employer, his neighbor, or his family.
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who had been treated with alkalies. This exception furnished a
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suppose the diseases to be the same, and treat them in a similar
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appellants, the administrations are not to name the inspector un-
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considerations the possibility that local changes in tissue reaction may
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fatigue (except what you might call ordinary fatigue), or vertigo.
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The first administrations were made in this city in December,
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the disease is found to affect animals which are irregularly
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He was very glad to hear that Dr. Lewers did not favour any " fancy "
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phuric acid is a more familiar article, but it is from
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lence, upon the frozen ground. The membranes were ruptured at the
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a bath for an hour or two a day in a solution made by adding
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