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The pathology here varies ; in a considerable propor-

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329, 664; reduction of estimates for medical establish-

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ment for syphilis lasted nine months. Ear remained in a seem-

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registers of the towns. Comparison is made between the

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man was one day found severely wounded; the calf of his leg was greatly

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be to turn to other methods of combating the disease.

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scrutinizing inquiry on this subject, but can hear of not a single authen-

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ter is uniform, or varies with the different regions of space, and whether it exerts any influence

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pure benzoyl acetyl peroxide were dissolved in 200 c.c. absolute ether and cooled

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coiumunication between tbe.stomach and transverse colon;

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than $7,000,000, and whose mill levy for welfare pur-

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and spleen. (6) Associated with infection of the peritoneum by malig-

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causing leukemia. They were present in the cases as

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testing. The morning's urine, the urine having been previously

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strikingly exemplified by circumstances which have occur-

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and is represented by a fibrous sac filled with a cheesy, greasy, or calcified

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applied at my office for treatment, March 5, 1891. Patient com-

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water and salt excretion of the five cases studied as controls.

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the gangrene is what is usually called 'moist.' When there is Uttle

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and in adjacent glands, while in that known as farcy the deposits occur

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The First Beginnings of Idiopathic Enlargement of the

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dietary. (5) Prison labor and occupation, with special refer-

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which was kept for household purposes, as he said this allayed

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no deflection at birth. This conclusion is the same 'as that drawn by one

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A diastolic nuirmur is transmitted down the sternum, and a

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ful. Not that anything but praise can accrue to Sir William.

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time to time cases of so-called irreducible hemiae, in which the con-

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and within its border split pea-sized nodules can be

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the debate between the psychoanalysts and their op-

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this rather neglected therapeutic agent. To a certain

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concern about how the tuition averages are set. The

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what other processes accompany this shaking-effect.

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with the A card is 9-1-7, 3-2-4, 5-6-8, and 10. Confusion of 4 and 5,

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but more frequently the medulla is deeply congested, while the cortex,

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be fitly compared to the remorseless inquisitor who

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situated cistern, and washing it under the spout. No bacteriological

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FLAHERTY: In addition to the gut issues, the regulatory and legislative

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Human Trypanosomiasis or Sleeping Sickness. — The history of

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responsibility which Mr. Long so readily accepted in principle.

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