different stages, of the tincture of iodine to the solution — whereupon may be

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abdomen. His head was not injured. On examination, ex-

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resemblance to cachectic ecthyma, but the localities attacked

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miracles of healing by the early ecclesiastics, saints, or

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that had it been poshed farther, the disease would never have

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The thyroids should be freed from connective tissue, etc., and may

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from the pure antipyretic treatment. He had in former years

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Pathology. — ■ The lateral tracts are sclerosed, sometimes throughout their

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women whom neither the disgust of their victims nor the presence of

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wrote out the following directions for her daily life: Sit out of

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Wminutes The medical evidence left it uiuloubt,,! .hat the child had

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" distemper " {e. g. in bull-dog, pointer, and greyhound — Touatt

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of a woman who was brought to Bellevue Hospital with the his-

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tion of rickets Dr. Eric Pritchard in a recent com-

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kindness of Dr. Stokes. The lady had been treated in the country

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Church in Eoxbury in 1828. After a successful practice in this place

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resemblance to the preceding. In Mr Abernt-thy's cases, the

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two grains of emetic tartar. A quarter of an hour after nausea was pro-

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most used, and one of the most efficacious, is salicylate

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oil, and olive-oil. As to flaxseed, he tells us that the

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ently died of hypostatic pneumonia and parenchymatous

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receive from it. Far be it from me to contend, that every

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but has had no account of its success," and asks " whether he had

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conceived the reasons why its function is not restored