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continued operation of the Indian school at Pipestone,

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the ' Philosophical Transactions ' for 1858. One of the important points established by

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The stream of cholera which entered Eussia from the northern pro-

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studies. Entertaining these views, we recommend this work as the very best

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OowDRET, S. G., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from

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spinal canal with physiologic solution. The combined intraspinal and

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the other factors put forward by Kellogg are common to all the

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Sometime after .Mr. Lister's publication, I had an oppor-

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dence adduced by Prof. Bigelow, of Harvard, f goes so

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And second, when acids, or salts whose acids have stronger affinities

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261 Extra-Articular Manifestations of Rheumatoid Arthritis: Keep

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5. The pupil's name should be written at the head of the paper.

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of the following powder: finely pulverized Boracic Acid and Calo-

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1. That congestion of the face and head in a new-born child is not a