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Again, thickening of the tissue at the vault of a degree
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Dr. Edwin G. Moore, Elm City: The last word has not been said.
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lated and at a later hour will feel depressed in conse-
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the clinical diagnosis, various details relating to the supposed causation,
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but many of them do not give up work, and it is those
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the minimum, or even below this. All these numbers refer
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temperature beneath the tongue was 91° Fahrenheit, but there was
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were used only late in treatment. Against rotation,
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r omero. Boll. d. Ass. med. tridentina, Trento, 189G, xv,
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through- this portion of the nervous system to the voluntary muscles and sensitive
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nomena. Hence it is that the relations of exterior agents, and
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necessary rubbing down (1) with alcohol or (2) with the
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unpublished — ^in which this operation has been per-
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of them have recovered, some have died, within the limits of the normal, were
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nascendi. The Hermite method consists in the electrol-
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and plates of "pure cultivations," and in whatever media convey the contagion from one
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and social follies of the present day — follies which entail as a punishment the
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nlcal and other duties of a flight may in itself suffice to divert an officer's notice
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establishment where the disease was known to exist among the
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ficient to shut off in part temporary connection with the
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and some hard and stone-like. Hair balls, so common in cattle,
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to do, and what fui*ther explanation can we give of the mechan-
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and over the arch, the inner layers of the vessel were atheromatous. In the cavity
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a bluish-black or violet tint; it occurs in tissues and
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fined almost entirely to the abdominal trace. In Fig. 7 is seen
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being made to ensure that no man's pension should be reduced
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When the liver was lifted one noticed that the pylorus
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true of the new antipyretics, anaesthetics, analgesics, hyp-
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traction ligature is passed through both lips, curetting is followed
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cold douche and the galvanism ; and "that the latter
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died six months after of " wasting " or consumption. The bill
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The descriptions hitherto given apply particularly to
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Triosteum Perfollatum, (bastard ipecac,) root ; emetic, ca-
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bi'iiiiiii; -I Mil tiirr., Mi> li ..- till' iippn-iir pleura aikl till' pi-rii arjium.
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cism." Versatility will not atone for crude and imperfect
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odour ; sinks. — 6th and Sth. Slightly faint odour. —