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an operation without the appearance of any untoward
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and seemed to radiate thence to the rest of the wrist, the carpus, and
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and cross-country ski machines are also used by some
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inflammation of pleura and stomach ; vomiting ; diarrhoea ; cos-
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formed by a line parallel to and three-fourths of an inch
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orifices were twisted one around the other, and lay hidden
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substance of the heart. He found eight ^ of the newspapers, before having been sub-
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In cases attended with high fever with strong full pulse and
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interstitial gestation, the other was an example of interstitial gestation
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At 181 VVasliiiiTtrin Street, corner oC Franklin Street, to whom all commtinirations must be addressed,
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vent the spread of the disease. It is a noticeable fact, also, that how-
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difficulty of absorption if they be retained in the alimentary canal, the hypo-
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My patient was taking four powders per day, each con-
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The leading peculiarities of hysterical mutism are these. Its onset is
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Liebreich, Dr. 0., on the therapeutic uses of hydrate of chloral 141
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lu regard to tlie age at which this atTectioii is most
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ed in the newspapers. In that letter it is averred that
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materially to impede the outward passage of the urine ; the
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resemble small bunches of cauliflower, placed at the ends of
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papers were thoroughly discussed in which all participated.
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the symptoms of ne]ihritis did not start for nioie Ihan tluce
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which passes out of the body in the urine. Chemical examination of the
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some of them with pyrexia and severe tenesmus, were very successfully
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smallpox, and other speci6c diseases, as they are termed, would here
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anaemic intoxication, which is one of the main causes of death
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cases, 211 (89%) occurred in three consecutive months, of which the
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passed off in a few hours, but was followed by vertigo and a slightly
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able attention to the matter ; he tabulated four or
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in relation to one subject, attended with fear and dejection ;
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The Serum. Hemoglobinemia is demonstrable in many cases.
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on a given point of coal, and thus the sooner heat it through and through to the de-
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A somewhat different picture emerges at the level of
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That the lactate of iron is the only chalybeate which can be prepared in the
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1936. # Brown, Clark E., Lancaster Ave. & City Line Ave. (19151)
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great barrier to the progress of improvement in every art and
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studied in other conditions in which pulmonary hyperten-