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17. Polednak AP: Cutaneous melanoma in Connecticut towns, 1989-

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ing discharged per rectum, and rapid recovery ensu-

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9. Grove, J. S. : Cryptorchid problem, J. Urol. 71:-

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Quinine will be found of absolutely no use, and perhaps the

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and time costs of mounting even a successful defense to

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his treatise on Diseases of the Liver ; to M. Larcher,

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One or two other points should be mentioned here. They found

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ensue if the injury done is not too great for repair, the patient passing

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much louder noises produce no awakening. Where this is not

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places the organs by pressure, but tends to weaken the

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nucleated (Neumann) and contain less haemoglobin (Ott). The

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The tonsils were much the same, the tongue very red, smooth

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encouraged some hope of recovery. In many of them various

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symptomatology and pathology of nephritis occurring after malarial

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di<=s du cceur (etiologie et clinique)." (12/r.) Benedeckt, "Ma-

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raised so much that the greater part of the pupil became visible. The

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servation, as being entirely dependent on the nature and state of disease.

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region is granular, thickened, and ulcerated. Pressing

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are 10.3 in it. This is the almshouse asylum of the

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Yoliime of the Philadelphia Medical Recorder, several cases of this

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F. P., 30 years of age, enjoying good health, with the excep-

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taken should be less than the actual needs of the organism,

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nominated for the ensuing year — as President, M.

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concluded. Periods of a week or two were allowed to elapse between

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desired ; the addition of a little sugar and a little grated nutmeg

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tion, more on the lateral sides and anterior wall than in the

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tent of the water. With waters low in organic matter, but relatively

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acnsation of the face and scalp were lost, together ^ith the sense of