conjunctival injection with pain behind the eyes, the severe character
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with the view of ascertaining the quantity of saline
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simplify the subject. In order to be as clear as possible,
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established in the year 1792, at St. Paneras near London,
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of any author. It is enough for him who would make a
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occurring in the course of certain diseases ; it is, however, admitted
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with cells (mj'eloblasts) such as are found in the circulating blood every-
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the Chef du Train that we were ready to leave, feeding, dressing and
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irritant, errhine, cathartic, and astringent ; a stimulant, diuretic, dia-
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minated in the formation of an abscess that pointed ex-
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A .MoijKi, BoAiiDiNO-sciiooL PniNrir.M-. — Tin- Hiir.
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nasal cavities of persons, who, though themselves healthy or affected only
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trouble" associated with great emaciation, mother alive at 80
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nystagmus, optic neuritis, vomiting or drowsiness, prompts the above
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culosis because they seem to me to supply part at least of the answer to
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understood, — the more thoroughly, the better for us, we are quite
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hear this, for a recent decision of Judge Dwight had Keen in accordance
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performed the operation fifteen times. The twenty-four cases had all been
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J bid.. 1890, ii, 584: 1890, i, 639: 1897, ii, 550; 1630: 1898, i,
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London Hospital has been 54-1 per cent. In the epidemic of 1853-4, the
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was a cause of cutaneous alterations in pyrexia. The absorption of
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sionally observed at the lower dosage ranges. In a few instances
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[► the clear iiir of, for example, the IlivieaJlgypt, or elsewhet e.
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to present the result of my study of this class of cases.
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There are two forms of the disease, the intermittent and the continuous. In
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(Rabbit V.) was confined in the same chamber and subjected to the
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ori^n of the affection can be drawn from this condition, as it oocors in
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hospital with venereal disease. These misguided people
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viduals. The injection of healthy human faeces into the blood
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viduals. The injection of healthy human faeces into the blood
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am Dnieper in dem Zeitabschnittderletztenacht Jahreope-
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removal by post-nasal cutting forceps ; all the post-nasal are in fact
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Elephantiasis Arabum, although very rare in this country, and seldom
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paralysis in all stages of the disease have been taken into the hos-
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1830, removed his family to New Haven. The different periods
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frequent earaches (or a sense that the ears are "stuffed
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