and then only every fourth or sixth day ; it has never been allowed to remain

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Report of the Committee of Five Appointed to Confer

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to run their course they terminate in death in six months,

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blood-clot. The gland-cells were swollen and granular, the outlines of the

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of them both children were so delivered. There was, in

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Fluorometric techniques for enzymes were evaluated on several different instru-

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coat of the intestines is brought into action by irritation ap-

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Overdosage: Signs and Symptoms— At doses approaching 375 mg/day the following symptoms were

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operation (neurotomy) ; in one case four years had elapsed

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powerful toxin which enters the circulation and causes

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haemoglobine, sixty per cent. Menstruation alwa)rs ir-

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President, for the very dignified, courteous, and efficient manner in which he presi-

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and infect their cells, obstructing the duct and leading to the forma-

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* Berlin: klin. Wochenschr., 1881, vol. xviii, p. 75.

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of lesions of the urethra might not cease even when they were

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Some of the women were very healthy, not in the least

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iinfarction of 1 7 - 40% which is certainly a goodly number

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your strictures on Dr. Ramsbotham and the others only

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taken place, thus allowing time for separation of the

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or the removal of adhesions never cures cancer, but may cure patients

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method proper for the cure of several distempers incident to the

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Since then, the author was obliged through illness to relinquish

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In the meantime other experiments had been made. Thus

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from 10 to 49. Occasionally, during a short attack, the rate was regular

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spondylitis deformans, when limited to the spine to the exclu-

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and marriage has sometimes been advised as a prophylactic and even cura-

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tightly closed and prevents absolutely the penetration of the solu-

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swallow not a particle of anything until near sunset the next day ; and

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Place 500 c. c. of the sample of water in a metal or glass still con-

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Boas-Oppler Bacilli. — -These have been frequently found in the stomach

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or even venous pulse (liver pulse, splenic pulse) may be present. Pulsation

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the same things as does unboiled milk^ but the colouring matter

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remain in it for days, since they are never elevated to the level of the pylorus on

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' ucts. This risk cannot be quantitated, and further studies to confirm this finding

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of sneezing, coughing, or swallowing, or by the lodgment of some

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vulsed, and he at last sinks from exhaustion of his nervous

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in the producing of phthisis, in the case of a religious association

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Efi'usion results equally from passive congestion, from the inflamma-