Clinical Surgery in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia; Surgeon

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seat of decided changes, being usually notably enlarged. Estimating the

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ment of the sulphites and chlorates to make tlie blood unsuited to the

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spinal lesions of various kinds, according to their intensity

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whose name is not in the Medical Directory, but it is

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we found that crreat escape took place through the vessels that had

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Medical Department, was much cheered on receiving the

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precordium. Continuous application is the most satisfactory. Unless

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a cerebral vessel (apoplexy) may be the immediate cause of death. Minute

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Landois (1869). Zeits. f. w. Zoologie, xviii., 1868 ; xix.

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that regional anesthesia is a physiological section of the

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Unusual cases are given with some detail. Tabulation is

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The tiredness in chewing was better, and in swallowing

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ment of the attack. When a hysterical subject has an

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of the malady, he seems to advise the extraction of teeth as if they were corns

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lesions appear first on the hands and wrists. As pointed out by Ker,

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Causes. — May follow acute bronchitis, or be due to same

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living who could have so successfully performed what he accomplished

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ing upon the amount of injury to the conduction power, i. e., the negative dromotropic

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than a health problem. The addition of water to milk lowers its specific

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The Editor has enlisted, as co-workers, many of the specialists in these two

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In Case II. the disease had so far advanced as to give us no hope for im-

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several narcotics. Ilis numerous experiments were made in

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tages for our 1910 meeting. In fact the committee is quite

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Vegetable parasites are of greater interest and importance, es-

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disposal of the quantity of the lymph was that of Majendie,

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the external aspect was much flattened over the great trochanter, and the

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23. A Case of Ankylosis of the Jaw Caused by Interstitial