on the other hand, it may be so slight as to be discoverable only microscopically.

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Thus far having dealt in generalities, I will presume upon your good nature

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of my diagnosis. The woman has made a perfect recovery.

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atmospheric pressure being from 30.311 inches at 9 p.m. of the

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vered by dissection. The papillae commonly surround the small

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region of the actual injury but involving the entire head, and if

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testinal canal from any cause. The itching Irom intes-

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treatment after those designed to promote absorption have been sufficiently

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iron are less frequently used now, and instead those forms

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Rupture into the peritoneum is, of course, a serious

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Bar. In consideration, however, of the fact that his particular

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inflammation of the heart's muscular substance in the living

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" rheumatic/' but nothing definite is known of the pathology

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may contain bacteria, which may give rise to sapremia and putre-

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of pus has ceased. He may then be allowed to mingle with other