Mix. An excellent application in sub-acute gonorrhea,

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cine. I believe that the true solution of the difficul-

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improve, and left the hospital for his home. He began to grow worse,

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of poor quality (p. 37), he having used those that were

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profession exhibits under the most discouraging circumstances. We

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The President — The report of the Printing Committee was adopted by the Council last

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M. Sig.: Five to fifteen drops in creosote inhaler;

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An oppordmily was offered io test llie serum of a youn;^ man

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cutaneous necrosis, the skin has a great tendency to form sores

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by the simple congelation; an accident sufficiently severe in itself.

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dition was not aggravated by too much medication, but the

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years, the members to be Dr. E. J. AVood, Chairman; Dr. C. A. Shore,

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proved by Erb and other eminent and trustworthy ob-

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condemned. Her treatment by Mr. Hood was said to be

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space wliose upper boundary is one or two millimetres

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or be followed by and alternated with the characteristic stools of dysentery,

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the sight is dimmed, and the eyelids close; the taste, smell, and

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laminectomy promises a better outlook. A third group of

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transformer with timer and Wappler vertical fluoro-

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of gall-bladder disease shows a diminution or total ab-

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injudicious than the advice, so frequently laid down by writers, in

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fibrosis in injured lungs and on pulmonary host defenses

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Medical and Surgical Journal, vol. 21, pp. 496-497.

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normal, and no tympanites present. During the following night,

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him. He was a very courteous and genial man, with abun-

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own observations. The group of somnifacients to which atten-

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different. Among the Scotch, for instance, he thought

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western coast than along the borders of the Atlantic

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that more pronounced on the side of the chancre. The third symptom is

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in this paper, and it was noted that, although the subarachnoid

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powerful than the expiratorj^, he supposed air to be forced through iifr>

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2. Dr. John Mayow — The Harveian Oration for 1899. A.