Dentition, in Typhoid Fever, and in those affections peculiar to

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took on the "symptoms," and had a full crop of varioloid vesicles.

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3. The Diseases of the Ear; their Nature, Diagnosis, and Treatment.

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^VARDER. On January 15, at Ottery St. Mary, Devon, Alicia, vrife of

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Granting that this disease is manually contagious, it is important to

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wheelwrights, 3 blacksmiths, 3 saddlers, 3 farriers. VII. Train.

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engorgement of the neck subsided, and also the visible pulsation of the

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cerebral degeneration with macular changes, particularly as this

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as ruptures, and the direction of the rupture is almost always the same

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people found themselves " stopped up " in cold, moist weather,