the tarsal tumour. Lancet, Lond., 1885, ii, 6. — Sutton
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effect upon the recurrent nerves, it may cause a very accurate
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plied, which occasioned adhesion of the parietes of the abscess,
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■of the eyes, mark the approach to a state of chlorosis. The
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remarked, that he knew of no alkali, not even the caustic potash, which could
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but a relapse occun-ed, and he became more dangerously ill than at
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egg, protruded on the right side of (he uterus, and near the upper corner
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which might have obtained. I say, " it was thought fair to
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any signs of inflammation. In other words, there was
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must be thoroughly cleaned by dipping in boiling water or
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the score of possibility, at least on account of their
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bears to a tape-worm, and it was sent to him under tlie
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Gynecological Surgery, Johns Hopkins University. New York. McClure
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evaporated (no flame), the residue taken up with 45 c.c. of water,
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spokes, of which those extremities connected with the sensorium are
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dominal and back muscles. If I could do only one thing for
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example, a horse lame in the off fore leg is trotted from the
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if he possessed the qualifications. In the marine hospital services
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intestinal infection with B. dysenterise Shiga, and are therefore
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examination within a few minutes and from very small specimens of
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where the patient received hyperbaric oxygen in accord-
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abdomen was also green. The anterior wall of the stomach was of
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near Hamilton, St. Lawrence County, N. Y. , was suffering
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Etiology. — General Causes. — The accumulation may be part of a
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matter, which makes the perusal of them equally pleasing and
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teresting meeting, l)oth as regards the sul)jects to
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rest a while. It had a peculiar insipid, sweetish taste and smell, with-
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actually is done. This estimated fee does not include hospital charges, anesthesia charges or an assistant surgeon's fee, when an
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Changes Occur? ing in the Bronchial Tubes in Chronic Bronchitis.
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tice which will always prove a warning to me, not to permit convales-
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Questions of great national importance are concerned; and the
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the time of seizure, and the nature of the exciting cause." In
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search for the feet. By a timely introduction of the hand, in