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at the external ring, and when the location of the breach
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having the same general symptoms as the others, with the
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Cordial for Tonic Purposes in all cases of nervous derangement and
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and we probably shall have some more cases ; but thus
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Richardson. W. L. Recent progress in obstetrics and
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ing. The many minor points of technique that are troublesome
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Yellow-fever; its diagnosis and treatment. Med. News,
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comprising Wards 3, 4 and 5, there is very little dif-
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entirely passed through the metallic conductors; but I did not
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1896, xiv, 166-170. — Couaiit ( W. M. ) The educa-
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forcibly remarks: "The most interesting chapters in
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secutive cases, under the most favourable circumstances, adds but another
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the sounds elicited by percussion ; or heard within the chest, by
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Banti's disease; (2) the resemblance of Banti's disease to atrophic
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compression is only to be used as a palliative. The least benefit is
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clinics and physicians throughout Wisconsin. These companies
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Softening and enlargement of the liver is due probably more
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case of fire, for divers, etc., he says: " Ihit in every apparatus
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19M. — He still keeps the same position. He can hardly speak, and
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than the chemical composition. The constituent parts of stony
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of pain, burning, tingling, or constriction, and on the limbs
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chambers of the heart could be made out ; and it was seen that
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Report of the Committee of Five Appointed to Confer
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more often in the works of our fathers than in our own.
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instance of this condition of joint-flexion, abduction with much backward dis-
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27 cases with 13 or 14 recoveries, gave a most wonder-
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much upon the delivery of the placenta. A rupture, large enough to admit
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throw some light on the mechanism of compensation. The
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best to protect her citizens in their private rights and privi-
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termination, the dejections again changed their character.