Perth Prison. He was for some years secretary of the Perth

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    the later were then removed. .\11 of the patients recovered.

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    Recent Deaths. — Dr. Harvey Lindsley, of Washington,

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    himself. Softening may commence in any part of a cancerous

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    Dr. Weidner : I, like a good many of you, do not know

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    and successively lodged in different branches of that vessel. It is much

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    developed an active immunity seemed to take place be-

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    pects the same means may be pursued. In some cases, four or five

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    and about three-eighths of an inch in diameter, being

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    Non'metallic and Metallic irritants. There are a few derived horn

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    Albany were abominable; in some counties there were

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    patients affected with these lesions are subject, the paroxysm lackiag

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    rather the art of talking about diseases than of curing

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    that these are tlie agents by which materials are absorbed

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    fact is as familiar as the moil fimple law of nature,

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    might be saved by the timely use of the lancet ! How many tedious

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    on an eminence commanding a view of the whole city and of

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    men, however wise and experienced, whose portfolios are

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    The second indication is derived from the age and individual con-

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    tached at the posterior part of lower lobe to a sacculated tumour, the size of a foetal

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    also of the contents of the Journal for April, together with an

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    123-131,1 (liag.— ©btiiJowicz (F.) Kilka uwag o epi-

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    dermatitis following the application. In general the drug

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    we cannot expect any consensus of opinion — we are bound to

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    the dose may be gradualh^ increased, or what is preferal)Ie, the pills may be

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    (2) Proboscis pale on apical half — masteri Skuse.

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    almost constantly, but was able to attend to her household duties for eight

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    character, which in most cases is apparent from the first " (Trousseau).

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    as we have said, admiral)le ; but he does not enter at all into

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    to the syndics of the city and province, calling upon them

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    24. The prostate is usually natural. The same remark applies to the

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    formed, if an earnest effort is made in this direction. Time

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    appeared only slightly less than that transplanted.

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    of uric acid is □ >1 detracted Erom by the results of more recent

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    telegraphed to Prince Hohenlohe-Tangenburg, the stadthalter