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is due to the distention of the sac by air, or fa-ces,

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stage. The periosteum is very frec^uently involved by gummata,

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Ramon y Cajal, of Schafer, and others in our own day, coupled with the

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“practiced” she would be “helping” mother. She

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Gowers points out, the fact that it produces loss of extension of the

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Dermat. u. S.yph., Wien u. Leipz., 1898, xliv, 39-50, 1 pi.—

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and, upon removing all pressure from the femoral artery, no pulsation can be

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eially of thofe of Dr Adams and of Mr Abernethy. Intro-

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Communications intended for this paper, are requested to be left at

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tuberculosis in it. A recognition of this diathetic proclivity warns

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and the rounded form of the trachea is more or less com-

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making the so-called Phosphates sold as commercial fertilizers.

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given if necessary. In the severest cases, where chloral proves useless,

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dysentery, cholera infantum, colicky pains, and cholera morbus.

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disappearing. She continued to improve very rapidly,

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small cysts of simple form ; many of them communicated with

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mologically identified, when it was found to be Melanolestes

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blood-hemoglobin value and the leukocyte count were

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to the outside, under which straps with buckles can be drawn through

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Aug. Gluzinski, Influenza in Cracow, Przegl. lek., 10, 11. Gmeiner, Prager med.

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this statement. Similarly, jaundice, ascites, local pain, general

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ating sensory end-organs always entails the possibilities of subjec-

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of the liver, spleen, prostate, thyroid, and other enlarge-

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made in the operation, to which, after inefficient trials of other remedies, it was

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of sassafras to ,5 i of iodoform completely covers the

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this or any other remedy against that accident. There can be no objection

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wife. Being brought to trial, the prisoner's relations

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muscles of the hand or foot; occasionally, as in one of Mitchell's cases, the