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In these cases ordinary internal urethrotomy, by the
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Our experience in diseases of the class treated of in the book before
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phlebotomy, the physician prescribed medicaments, which he administered himself from a
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In some cases of hemiplegia, complete recovery takes place after a few
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Science and Art. ^^ Science is knowledge reduced to principles ; art is
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Rumpf has recently written an exhaustive article on angina
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cular contraction. These positions of the ribs are spoken of
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into hot water, as hot as it can be borne; but in a congestive chill
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There remains to be mentioned the introduction of the poison of
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who wrote more than two centuries ago, and whose practice of physic reflected not only
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Pick up the programs of the highest official ophthalmic socie-
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progressed until perityphlitic abscess, in course of formation,
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Ac. In one neat volume small 12mo., of about 375 pages, extra cloth. $150. (Just Issued.)
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(J. W.) Recurrent paralysis of the oculo-motor nerve.
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the left orbit, and extending backward eight inches parallel
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may be added noise and improper mechanical rhythm. It is not
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stances he has been induced to alter the nomenclature, where this
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Rum is the only alcoholic liquor served for rations.
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advice of JBudd and Proutj to give large doses of bicarbonate of soda
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General. CARDIZEM (diltiazem hydrochloride) is extensively
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forms an integral part of every machine, and the leisure dressing and