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"In the Indian Lancet for December 1st, Mr. B. N. Chowdhry
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condition, with sore throat, superficial ulceration of both tonsils, and
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things, that the testicle, as such, could no longer be identified. The
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long carefully hoarded in the case-books of the New York Hospital, should be
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blood is nearly the same, which gives rise to the supposition that they
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even in serial sections it is difficult to follow the different portions of the re-
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lunatics increased by only 14 per cent. This differ-
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Symptoms are universally available ; they are the voice of nature ;
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what follows, for reasons before mentioned, I shall speak of the chole-
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of arthritis, a level of intake of carbohydrate and protein food
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have been bitten, that has tended to confer reputation upon so
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rpRiATRir^ ^^^ ^'^^ most characteristic sign of senility
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moved a large fatty tumour, requiring an incision of
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daily. The ulcer to be drefled with lint focked inTinft. Myrrhse,
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mainly in tlie parenchymatous structures, while in cholera they
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ment through the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, and the salary
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I wish now to refer more particularly to four cases of
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Mr. President and Gentlemen of the House of Delegates:
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has been manifested of recent years in these branches, particu-
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in the back of his head. Tlie stiffness of the lower jaw was,
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from mosquitoes for 161 days during the malarial sea-
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of the split infinitive. There is, indeed, a certain truth
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with their more permanent albuminuria. In the majority of
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always the case. This metliod, had it been possible,
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bottom of the abdominal incision, being directed by the sense of touch to those
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On the following day, when I examined them, I found
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In these two cases of hypothyroidism there were no other
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That some of the blood-corpuscles succumb to a soluble parasitic
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sent day, of practical experience, could entertain a doubt, namely,
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classified ulcers of the genitals with other local affections, such
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emigrants, of whom, from the 7th to the 9tli of October,
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organic matter ; and that in Grand Rapids, where one of the cemeteries is right
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was all that could be desired, the speeches were eloquent, simple and
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