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during sleep. On May 12 the first intraspinal treatment was given and the
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the pain and vomiting were relieved, the bowels moved every day thereafter and
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to atrophy, conversion into goitre, or removal by operation. Strictly
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and limit the quantity of starchy food. Where the case is at all
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Cases M. 37, C. S. 63, C. S. 71 and C. S. 52 were distinctly benefited
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by Fenwick, and of one-third of the cases cited by Leudet. Lyonnet
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twenty to thirty minims of this may be injected twice a week into the
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22. Wright and Kinnicutt: Jour. Am. Med. Assn., 1911, lvi, 1457.
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from the white blood corpuscles, or from some modification of them.
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could be demonstrated either by tube or by Roentgen ray and he became free
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sation after the fourth operation almost disappeared, and the tumor
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