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putrefying material, and should not be placed aboiit the

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however carefully selected must be composed of very good,

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extended on the leg and the toes on the plantar surface of the foot, in this way

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tendency to hemorrhage is best marked by the presence of petechise in the

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due to streptococcus and often pneumococcus infection by the bronchi. True

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after some forewamings of his mortality are thrust upon him.

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the serum; free agglutinogens also bind agglutinin in a specific manner. It

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cases of pneumonia, or who is familiar with the literature of the subject can

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appearance of the tongue ought to make the diagnosis comparatively easy.

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tory of syphilis at the time of insurance, and secondly those

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nuclears. It is in such conditions that blood cultures are of especial value

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Ultramicroscopic or Filtrate Vims. — ^\''arious reasons are assigned for

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of 305 cases of pneumonia does not note this condition and in an analysis of

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ease is said to confer an increased risk of visceral — especially

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he is just and honorable, he will not present for examination

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It is a matter of frequent observation that the ingestion

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bacilli, influenza-like bacilli, staphylococci, and streptococci being associ-

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usefulness and as rational guides to our actions and judgments.

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elsewhere. Sections stained for fat show numerous droplets in the hyaline

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races may be taking place, there is also a good reason to believe that an

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insurance companies should take risks on such men only on

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and accidents occurring to the stomach and intestines ;

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^Ye frequently read in the early writings of a "rheum" or catarrh which

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Symptoms. — Incubation. — This varies in duration and ranges usually

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elapse before the eruption appears. During this time the patient has a high

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of the cases will be recognized early. Curschmann thinks that a certain

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It is difficult to predict to what an extent vaccination against typhoid fever

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Vagedes, on the other hand, noted that tubercle bacilli from rapidly fatal

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cleans and all the symptoms show improvement. The wasting usually