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first.' ' By all means,' said Mr. Syme. It was short
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* Ut undique NATURA, hoc sensu, ut Effectivum quoddam,
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all the paralytic agitation and spasms were removed ;
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fluence of his mind, following in his steps, looking
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them every facility for retiring into private life, and
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any skill of their own, but by that of the artist.'
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Sir, — I am sorry to learn by the Journal of March
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Now," oontimies Dr. Latham, " since it is a feai-ful
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lutions of the Branch Council for Scotland, but those
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Botany — Pr. Balfour, at the Garden . .Tuesda}-, 2nd May, 8 a.m.
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Queen's College of Physicians, it was resolved, at a
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