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proves to be purulent, no time should be lost to evacuate it. Certain

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febrile condition, but rather has a tendency to increase the fever. In

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they are placed in the order in which they are received. If

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two pavilions, so that at most only two kinds of infectious

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great amelioration in pigeons rendered ataxic by a slight

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matter of the spinal cord. In this way the upper segment of the

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Street were frequented by customers from all parts of the

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4 francs to be paid as indemnity to the Drome Syndicate of

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examples of this in diphtheria and in Asiatic cholera. The diphtheria

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■druggists would observe this principle more strictly. We

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Thorn's liouse for luncheon, and drove thereafter to Drummond

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the medical officer of a regiment was deemed infinitely the inferior,

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tect their pecuniary interests," and that " its (the Council's)

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operation the symptoms are usually definite enough. The first to

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that it may be difficult to find it. If the patient survives, his subse-

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teritis. The most common change, however, occurs in the large

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■•: X. Trrrvrc. j ^c. iLOjniin^ :o wiij.t we swallow. One can

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proves to be purulent, no time should be lost to evacuate it. Certain

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tinuous drafts of lukewarm water, for though they are immediately

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from Camberwell that there had been ten outbreaks in ten

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other words, giving 12, 18, or 24 gr. of quinin in the first twenty-foiu*

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years that lobar pneumonia is now not regarded as a primary infection

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very first it became apparent that it would not be possible to