Moorhof and from which he and several others claimed such

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visible on the red fundus when the pigment is very well developed.

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pus-tubes, adherent tubes and ovaries (peri-salpingo-

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we hope that the institution will soon be enabled to meet its

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Next morning, however, she aborted (twins of two or three

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similar success from the alum treatment. Sulphuric acid has been advo-

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mination of blood to the part, and relieves pain by obtunding the sensibility.

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tions due to dilatation of the tubules and glomeruli,

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of the lymphatic glands, but without alteration in the thyroid.

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grasped by the uterus, if the segment is very thin, and

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So, look where we may, institute the most careful scrutiny we

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the same books and pencils as the day before, and from

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“It’s a pretty fun thing delivering a baby — it’s an

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coincided in so far that removal of the posterior part

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and many suggestions valuable in the treatment of their patients. Dr

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oaae even ia lyiiUlitte enntliemata. I knew a merohant in Magde-

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is, with the exception of the liver, the most common location for echino-

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by the Physician or Surgeon in charge of sucb dejDartment.

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medicine was as a rule in England, and for that matter, I should

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Crystals of a substance termed by Virchow uanine were found

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The New Paris Hospital. — The new Hopital Menilmontant,

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(iLoBiMRiA. Walteb Bbem, M.D., Colon Hospital, Cristobal, Canal

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from men who have seen much of the disease is desira-

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began to swell. Whether these symptoms were preceded

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nails picked up in walking, sharp instruments, flints,

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volume of blood through the heart and the hepatic artery. Five minutes after

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M6m. et compt.-rend. Soc. d'. sc. m6d. de Lyon (1896), 1897,

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sweetsmelling fragrance should be laid down in small dry boxes of limewood, but

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all that belongs to the morbid anatomy of the heart, the pro-

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and since their properties are not of a nature to make those parts

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