5. Recovery from pellagra is much more frequent and more per-

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time the dominant view was that they were inorganic, or at least devoid

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V. — Herpes — Acute Superficial Dermatitis, with Formation of Groups of

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hair-like processes of the neuroglia cells, a squeezing of them in between

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lachen Club, November 16, Dr. Willis L. Herbert was

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cases in which they think medical attendance is re-

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elucidation of the pathological anatomy of certain cases of insanity, and

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by a sensation of increased heat, the other by wandering and delirium.

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these I believe to have been due to the method of exhibiting it

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for good reason. The interface of medicine and of public

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on the gravity of the affection, on the anatomical process which charac-

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that the practice of diluting the cow's milk given to

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O'Flaherty, Thomas Alexander, M.D., of H.M.S. Britannia, at

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and poison, and are such as should be rendered impossible. It

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inflammation of the bowels, fever sets in, and calf ultimately

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case of fire, for divers, etc., he says: " Ihit in every apparatus

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The eye, wlien taken away from the socket, is of a globular form, and

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of the disease, and that the latter condition is added after the disease has

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digestion, assimilation, and nutrition. If we can succeed in giving to this

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nursing conference is staged annually by the Indus-

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these earnest words : " Accept my most sincere thanks for sym-

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isms are often present with it, and it may be difficult to say which is

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white meat, such as chicken, may be allowed and continued for some

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facial nerve damages also the motor fibres which have come over from

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they fall or are thrust, are endangered. Inquests show

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this city. The only remarkable feature of the Medical con-

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2. Adrenalin is used as a local vasoconstrictor, to

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ture is common to these morbid states. They are attended with

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second-hands, giving the duration of the minute ac-