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cinomatous mass was found in the head of the pancreas about the size of a
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(d) Embryophore oval, 35 to 41 X 26 to 35 ju.. Philippines.
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condition is most frequently observed at the lower end of the femur and at the
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chest, the expiratory descent and the horizontal line of rest. In
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V. discreta. They are extensive, of irregular outline, and intersected by
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full dose of thymol and the examination of the resulting
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urethra from the want of a sphincter muscle to control it. I therefore
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better done by sponging, and an assistant to follow immediately and
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tillation is continued until about two-thirds of the solution have
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of alloys. The atomic weight of sodium is 23 and that of gold is
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of F. bancrofti but the embryos are present in the peripheral circulation
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power. To this end the value of prescribed thoracic exercises
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was susceptible of improvement. The importance of the alteration is seen
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By Keginald Mokton, M.D. (Trin. Tor.), F.K.C.S.Edin.
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element of the disease. Quinine should be freely given for its anti- pe-
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2 Proc. Boy. Soc. Med., 1919, xii (Sect. Study Dis. Child.), p. 13.
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the internal sphincter muscle, like a purse. This dilata-
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1900, complaining of fever. Her family and past histories
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averse to being even looked at by strangers. She was particularly
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In 1858, during my term of service as House Physician to Bellevue
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tization pus-corpuscles in all stages of formation — and thus convinced
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The recital of a recent case to which I was called in
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it is no more than right that we should defend this fair
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Nasal Obstruction: Diagnosis of the Various Conditions Causing it
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weight. The radiation therapy consisted of 3,000 rads
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tended. Even at birth the head is usually enlarged, but becomes still
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