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Dr. H. B. Anderson corroborated the dangers of aspiration
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upon the living subject; the specimens were hardened in abso-
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constant hyperaemia of the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane. As a
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with low muttering delirium, dry brown tongue and with an elevated temperature
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The inflammation of the mucous membrane in this case was
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secrete a thick, white piss, of the color of cream ; the granulations are
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hands rest on the opposite anterior superior spines of the
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pears to depend on deg-eneration, apparently abiogenetic in
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endemess, or any local subjective symptoms. The enlargement
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myositis come on. The muscles are stiff, tense, painful on pressure and motion,
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sive, or by their defective, or by their irregular, impulse. Not
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due to the injection of gelatine is not exceptional. On the contrary, several
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titis ; each teaspoonful containing 50 centigrams of
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ration were to be performed, it would not then be for
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tient was supposed to have been benefited by blisters alter-
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less prevalent than in Finland. French authorities note
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those who are susceptible to middle ear disease should abstain
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coronet healed up, and filled with fibrous tissue, but little can
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of flexion ; it was what Dr. West would term a " fronto-cotyloid position,"
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moisture. The only defence set up for this imprudence is, that
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ingenious sons of Asclepius to find more names for disease,
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lity at the joint. The opposed ends of the femur and tibia
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in thirteen other cases, making a total of fifty-four. Of
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charge per vaginam. Dressings all removed. Incision all healed, ex-
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of Cases of Surgical Patients ; Performance of Surgical Ope-
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and Stone. It has also been lon^ supposed that water strongly-
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to the facts of the case, but an examination of the original essays of the
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Leeches to the same site, or to the verge of the anus
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