terious manner; but even this seems open to doubt, as
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or station and separate command which is attended by a medical
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Constipation is usually a symptom in children, but in the old a diarrhoea
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termined not to cut any more strictures as he had done
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seldom fails to produce Thistles and an ugly Crop of
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affection of the lungs or heart. The left pupil was much
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Censors — Charles E. Stanley, M.D., Cushman A. Sears, M.D..
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stools, slight delirium and incoherence, but no fever. The melaena continued, and
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♦From the Medical Clinic of the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and the
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"Hawkins and Dudgeon: Quarterly Journal of Medicine, Oxford, 1909, vol.
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from the (\x?i\iij oi hardness in the pulse. This they
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appears to be needed it is more than likely that the point
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masterpiece in the review of the whole subject from every aspect,
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castor oil is, that it is within itself both an antiseptic and a seda-
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menstrual life without being relieved, local treatment
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resorting to any operative procedure, as he had become
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12. For sore of ears, take a foxes gall; mingle with
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complete breaking down of the peptones and albumoses that
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This faculty of the mind is the inner chamber where no one
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the local inflammation, careful observation may often discover
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well aware that bloodletting, which is the sheet-anchor of safety in the treat-
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toms, the swelling of the face, the edema of the eyes which were
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gives this name. When standing idle he had twitchings of the
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attack. In most cases, as soon as insufflation was begun
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scalp, the skin of the nose, the face, the lips, the ears, the hands, the thigh,
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For were they not here to witness one of the greatest
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factors that are involved at different times in a crash (pre,
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per cent. This included a large number of unfavorable cases treated
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solely confined to the conversion of the text of this volume into
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ing their fears, and often, by his cheerful looks and benevolent coun-
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Elgedri and Elhasslm and the bitter herbs (shrubs)."
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been suggested by Heines that the United States Navy adopt the
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Out o^ luch confusion regarding the terminology of internal