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severe relapsing fever might terminate favorably. Another observation
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much elongated (ameboid movement ?). They were the most
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*The dividend results illustrated are based on the !96§: dividend scale.
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rent remedy and not at all to any physical effect which
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coffin, box, preparation of the body for shipment, and shipping the same,
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Nervous Symptoms, — ^There is obvious retardation of psychomotor action.
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of the bronchi by the chronically diseased glands which lie along them.
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In 1870 four cases were observed in Providence, R. I.' In 1 882 cases were
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pelvis? (c) True pelvis? 9. Give the causes of metrorrhagia.
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War Diabetes. — Lenne applies this term to diabetes
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from typhoid by the following points : — Infectious origin easily
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Dr. Forchheimer, in closing, replied to inquiries that
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On the other hand, the virulence does not change when the germ is sown
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College of Physicians and Surgeons (Medical Department of Columbia
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people pay for books by which they may enrich them-
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operation is to be successful no time is to be lost.