pulse 60 and low. He complained of in-<in his practice at St. Mary's Hospital. A
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val the greater is the chance of recovery." And what Flesch
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acute and of chronic inflammation of the liver. But jaundice is
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Sciences. Together they enlisted the help of the District
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than i or } grain to the ounce. In all cases its use
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when more than one such defect is present in the same child : a few
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addition to this required course, the attending obstetricians at the hospi-
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cal Association meetings, but did not report them to any journal
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The lesions of the disease are confined to the mesoblastic
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males of man exists ; and this corresponds to the middle portion in
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proportion to the degree in which the process has been performed. _ If im-
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tional to forbid the landing of an American leper, but as soon as he
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erable severity, it may often be arrested by prompt and judicious
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He first applied strychnine about the branches of the
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a frequent cause of neurasthenia. Digestive troubles have been regarded
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a wounded vein ; or solutions of various salts, as of
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the interval he has chosen some other subject, so much the
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for two days. The third confiignment arrived on September 10. They
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Dr. Eyre found streptococci in the blood, the pus was green and foetid.
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previous ill-health may have been due to an existing tuberculous lesion.
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of the first volume is made up entirely of tables, giving first, a list of
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first thing to be done is to empty the stomach, by tickling the throat
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to the age. Powdered belladonna root has been recently recom-
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gether, at the rate of one hundred strokes per minute on the average. There
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resulting in painful spasmodic contraction of the colon, in place of
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%o of a minimum lethal dose of diphtheria toxine for a guinea pig) is
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the sounds which : :ed in a morbid state. Thus, the lungs
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W. B. SAUNDERS COMPANY West Washington Square, Philadelphia
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(1) A defect of the lamina} in the lumbo-sacral region of
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— " Daniel Hobbs was iidmitted into the Asylum on April 21,
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an hour or two, but it was two or three weeks before she was strong
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with distilled water or 0.85 per cent NaCl solution does not give
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history of the different bacterial beds would occupy too much
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Die Hydrotherapie fieberhafter Krankheiten. BI. f. lilin.
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If the premonitory diarrhoea continue unchecked, and " the bilious discharges
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obtained, but after that period typhoid agglutinins in-
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sclerosis of the lateral columns was at least as well marked as
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Never has it been our mournful duty to record in so short a.
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should like to mention — the colloid products of the hypophysis are
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It is said to be a fact that all of the many cases of
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For the needle operation chloroform is hardly necessary
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the presence of great distention. Under such circum-