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This first volume treats of the history of medicine from remote
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minates life speedily. The latter accident occurs not infrequently in
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est slope of our beautiful River View Cemetery. Below the wooded hill-
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to consolidation of the lung, but flatness is sometimes met with, and a tym-
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cent, alcoholic solution of phenophthalein, and as many cubic centimeters
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tion is greatly lengthened, the ratio of these sounds as to duration being
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nematoid worms. It was discovered in Milan, in 1838, by Dubini.
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brazen, ringing character that points to its laryngeal seat. Pressure
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than the median. The pain is most apt to be distributed along the whole
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the temples, the ice-cap, and counter-irritation. Free movement of the
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measles ; it may also follovi^ scarlet fever, typhoid, small-pox, or less fre-
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is considering not only its advancement, but its failures. It was
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cles are also considerably developed ; but instead of being normal they
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we may use aconite and other arterial sedatives. Arthur Foxwell ^ recom-
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and sex, males past forty years of age being the usual subjects of this
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grow the capacity of the pelvis and extend to the abdominal cavity before
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dose. When free emesis occurs early the prognosis is thereby rendered
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In certain severe cases of mechanical irritation the symptoms of pye-
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grayish-green in color, is sometimes distinctly sanious, and ill-smelling.
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able sensory disturbances, Romberg's sign, myosis, with slow or absent
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ties are taken (sviij-x — 236.0—300.0 every two hours). When whole
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for a day or two, may alternate, as after the ingestion of some unwhole-
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The kidneys are contracted, the heart is hyportrophied, and arterio-
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order that a weakened will may not precipitate a cyclic lapse into his
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trally, in one half of the cord, transversely, or many localized or widely-
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the patient must be extricated from the old surroundings under the
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usually thin. In hundreds of cases there was such a denuding of the
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the left ventricle has been found of diminished size at necropsy.
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In 1888, Dr. Royal married Miss Julia Morgan of New York City, who
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after meals. While exercise and fresh air are admirable adjuvants to any
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becomes wholly unfavorable in direct proportion to the extent
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elastic tissue (v. Jaksch). Bronchiectasis is usually unilateral, and
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yellow atrophy is associated with a destruction of liver-cells that is
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action of these two remedies upon the heart-walls is very similar. The
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ease; but it soon atrophies, and in emaciated subjects with lax abdominal
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of the growths. Certain tumors, as lipoma and glioma, are more apt to
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A pair of curved, pointed scissors is pushed through in front of
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symptoms, other than the muscular Avasting. Disseminated sclerosis,
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periosteal covering. The fluid may not be obtained at the first opera-
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process may extend to the jaws and lips. The blood-vessels contain
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ments, preferably those having a southern exposure, Avith growing plants.
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Prognosis. — Recovery is the exception, though improvement may