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been isolated from the intestinal contents. Many other forms exist,

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in the great majority of cases of hypertrophy of the heart, the enlarge-

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(6) Pregnancy nearly always leads to abortion or mis-

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The above quotations point to the method with which Dr.

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that it should be taken for some other object than that of the mere

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that you will agree with me in what I have said in regard to unjust

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which invite and deserve the careful analysis of every

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bacteria are more or less continually being carried away into the general

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Head. — The subarachnoid cavity contained a considerable quantity of fluid,

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4. M. Defresne arrives at the following conclusions :— (1) The

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absence from the city. To the clinical notes of Dr.

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ground. Nothing could be more improper and inconveni-

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tracted firmly, bleeding ceased, and the patient recovered

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f>f writmg has many advantages in an al'>habctical arrangement.

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meeting of the Academy of Sciences, reported that at

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tween those is of the same volume as the uterus. The

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every year becoming one of more dignity and usefulness.

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and every institution in the State, entrusted with the care of

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of age the child had a slight coryza, associated with

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possible. So far as I can judge, the best way of \ bowels — tonic and change of air to a temperate

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substance operated upon by force, resulting in movement, and the har-

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ard the face of the child, the toes pointing backward and the heel forward.

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are placed in a test-tube together with a few drops of a solution

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rectum are filled or emptied, or as the position of the woman is horizontal or

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excited in them the so-called " bilious" condition,

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charge, from incandescent metals and gases, from the substance

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work had been published in the French language by Malgaigne,

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epithelium in Lieberkiihn's crypts was almost all goblet cells, and

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FOR SALE : Electrocardiograph, direct writer. Jones

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by supposing interruption of conduction at different places. We differentiate

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Synonyms. — Febris undulans (from the wave-like monthly acces-

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my view of the case to examine the retina and choroid, I readily

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in 14 cases of lobar pneumonia with and without jaundice, estimated

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troenterostomy done by the late Dr. O. C. Smith, and the other

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