Ipecacuanha is tonic, stimulant, alterative, expectorant and
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doctor and grateful to the patient. The dose can be repeated
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cemia, in which malady it appeared to promise more than any
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time. But not only are cancers of the skin affected by those injec-
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When quoting the words and reviewing the works of others
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inquire more closely into the constitutional and hereditary
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M. S. The whole at once, diminishing the dose as the patient im-
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artery, those for the parotid come from the plexus surrounding
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upon by nitric acid and ammonia, a distinct murexide reaction is
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In all ailments in which congestion constitutes a prominent
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George Jaques, of Worcester, Mass, the sum of a quarter of
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tubes containing the ascitic fluid, which is then covered with the
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paratus. It is frequently used in the treatment of gonorrhea
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1912. WiusoN, Louis B., 1101 W. Zuiubro St., Rochester, Minn.
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superficial burns, and some remarkable results from its use have
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In hepatic congestion there is a feeling of painful distension
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ger from weakness while walking, appear drowsy, dark col-
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there is burning, smarting, dribbling urination, painful micturi-
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Surgeons to the late United States Marine Hospital, now
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preceded by and attended with but slight nausea, although there
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wash the parts thoroughly with the following solution: .
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common indications fairly well, though none of them, perhaps,
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paper, cloth binding. (Issued 1893.) . .Price, $5.00
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the asthenic diffused paralysis of convalescents ; the one
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it can hardly be mistaken; too great a manifestation and rapid
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sclerosis, atheroma, aneurism, thrombosis, embolism, miliary
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"In female disorders, as leucorrhea, dysmenorrhea, etc., it
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may occur in one hour after the animal is turned out to
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surgeon has an opportunity of preparing both himself and
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with Protestant divines : not that he was all things
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in direct ratio to the extent of the lesion. These compli-
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exudations. In stimulating the parts to which it is applied, it
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physical peculiarities and vital properties wherever they
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ough knowledge of healthy life, and be able to recognize it or any
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phur or its salts, will darken the color of the feces. The dark-
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strengthens the heart and often relieves the distress caused by
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Thuja exerts a special influence upon the glandular system,
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or following typhoid fever ; sallow, dirty skin ; tissues full and
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sion ; pain in the head which is increased by movement or noise ;