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and intracellular diplococci obtained. 3 .30 P. M., 1. p. : a small quantity of puru-
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tains in round numbers about four thousand trillions of cubic
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States, aged thirty-three years, height five feet ten
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treatment, so that the sixty-eight successful eases may be
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In order to destroy the larvse, petroleum is poured into the drains,
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tissues in which they grow, the centre of the granulation being
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Joseph Price, of Philadelphia, said that there are many
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is characteristic of advanced tabes. Goll's cord undergoes a secondary
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then restored the uterus to position. After the operation
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one ever to approach me, as the paper read by Dr. Vance indicates is
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did not succeed. Each succeeding day for three days we passed our No. 2
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Barnes; Dr. Prosser James; Dr. Corfield; Mr. W. Bathurst Wood-
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they amount to 1 or 2 per cent. The protoplasm contains granules, which
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that other microparasites belonging to the animal kingdom may similarly
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orbicularis was frequent and severe, occurring often in the
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April, 1874, page 540, while at page 547 of the same number will be found a
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acid ; ergotin, secalia (identical with propylamin), etc. On what
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the chair as soon as he bends past his center of gravity, and can
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makes rapid strides. Malaria and tropical anemia en-
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and a staphylococcus were isolated. An organism resembling Bacillus
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the greater curvature becomes drawn up by perigastric ad-
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logic form, and dilation is the correctly made word.
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tute the chief morbid appearance. This appearance, however, may be pro-
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(6) i)E Witt, Lydia, Jouni. of Infect. I>is., Chicago, 191'i, x, pp. 24-35.
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introduced as a local anaesthetic — aconite, for example-
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connection with putrefactive decomposition incident to wounds, surgical
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really present. Nevertheless, it is not always easy, either with the naked