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Ventral and umbilical hernia, causes and treatment of (illustrated;

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V. Herpes Acute Superficial Dermatitis, attended by Formation of

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removal of this, and the application of mild inhibitory applica-

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would seem more suitable to the disease than aphasia. Finkelburg

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standard, the statistical margin of error could hardly be

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Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., 3 and 5, Frith Road, Croydon.)

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Paste, 141 ; Dartres Volantes of Face and their Treatment, 141 ; Tucker s

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may be met with both in animals and man. In the rabbit, for

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The fit often terminates by a long, sighing expiration ; more rarely by

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the early forms of a strongylus ; and the fact that the strongylus

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indicates that the tumor is either in one side of the cerebrum (the most

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the ulcers heal. But if we do not succeed in improving the constitu-

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lects in drops under the epidermis and elevates it ; forming vesicles

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count that persons who have suffered from extensive rachitis usually

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the ganglion of Gasser is degenerated or destroyed. In such cases

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