When she lived on the farm her diet was as follows :

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    Consulting Chief Engineer, Mr. J. R. Hoffert, Chief

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    is then ascertained by a simple calculation (see above).

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    disorder, but not to regard it as a lasting agent of cure."

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    The work of Gaethgens, whose experiments were performed in

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    enlarged glands, though not suffering from trypanosomiasis ; and,

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    I will make a motion to the effect that it be turned over to Mr.

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    During the 1949-50 season these professional seminars,

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    coal. All this carbon is derived from the atmosphere. Animals throw

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    By working to keep medical dollars within our state's borders, specialties have flour-

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    Applications for training should be made by letter to the Inspector, Queen

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    Synonym. — Phenazonum, B. P.; phenyl-dimethyl- pyra-

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    recognized by every observing and skilful physician, and strongly enforced in

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    5. In cirrhosis from biliary stasis, as well as in hyper-

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    I have made many experiments with tubes illuminated by

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    could, with impunity, bear a second. I must leave the reader