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    Physical examination was negative except for increased blood pressure (185
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    ran a mild course. Cerebral symptoms were present in but few
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    observed to his astonishment the largest liver suddenly becoming
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    I shall now, with the view of illustrating the form of paraplegia to
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    (the latter however, seldom, except when attended with some degree of
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    " The nature and extent of the relation between disease and
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    9th. Slept pretty well ; raved little ; ringing in ears continues ;
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    paratively unprofitable; but I must turn from the student to the
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    sufficiently explained in your books and manuals. I am not giving
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    One physiological fact connected with sleep may be noticed here. It
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    Paraplegia and Disease of the Kidneys — Observations on Mr. Stanley's cases of
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    into the " Green Room " of the Ecole de Medecine, at Paris. It is
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    appeared so much prostrated that I ordered him arrowroot with beer.
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    night. A few subsequent similar prescriptions effected a cure.
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    and represented him as a sort of lay delegate. He was prond to
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    upon the mucous membranes, while other tissues and organs appeared
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    Paris. Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. Guardian of Health; Boston.
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    of her life, but it became thicker and more purulent and had to be
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    old soldiers, and they therefore predominated among hospital
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    clutching at the old, and see only destruction in revolutions ; and
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    by the application of a powerful galvanic stimulus. Tiedemann also
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