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ganiziuL' power of the stomach, and probably of the whole system ; and this

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liquids should be allowed as freely as the tliirst dictates. Dry-cu jjpin g over

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guided in the following treatment by the condition of the patient.

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to be watery ; but when rubbed with salt and kept a day or

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treatment with iron, or in some cases with arsenic.

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except, perhaps, by the existence of a little increase of vascularity.

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direction. Gangrene, rupture and fatal peritonitis will result

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chanteric line two-thirds the distance around, and the

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the tincture of belladonna, or preferably a solution of atropia (atropiaB

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At a meeting of the Paris Society of Dermatology and Syphilo-

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about to relate are very much like the symptoms of men-

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remedy in all forms of acute uremia, as uriemic puerperal eclampsia, acute

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hemorrhage does not occur. In the later stages considerable wasting

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wall and the abdominal parietes or one of the abdominal viscera. In

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that one must be cautious. As to Ijrmphatic leukemia, I saw a patient

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'an old shifty spread it out upon the top of the dirty clothes in the

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2. Buchner DM, Wagner EH: Preventing frail health. Clin Geriatr

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however much the cavity is decreased, its limiting membrane suffers

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apparatus, did not accelerate the flow, but in some cases stopped it by sucking

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dominates in the hallucinations in hallucinosis, the optic and tactile

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and the antipneumotoxine of pneumonia encourages one to hope that

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infected, to his thighs and right leg. He said that had he con-

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Put the patient on her left side, in the semi-prone position, with her left

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22. Coe, H. C. — Fibroma of the Ovary Complicated with Ascites: Laparotomy,

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gitis occavsionally occur, it is highly probable that they are actually

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the great importance of the protest which Mr. Lawson makes

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every case, but when I see the necessity for it I give

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Bent Brigham Hospital; Assistant Clinical Professor, Har-

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prison. Talks of suicide, thinks she is watched, and says she is

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professional support and leadership from the mothei