knowti'oi^ Ihe^WMconsin^' State Tuberculosis Committee, and,
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    rai)idly or by degrees; he observed it in about a third of his cases
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    patient was a fine, stout, strong, married man, middle aged, a varnish maker by
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    the little deceptions practised upon them by their playmates,
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    tion, and purified by digestion with warm alcohol and char-
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    on Saturday. She was still suffering from great pain in
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    only in the morning, withdrawing eight ounces of resid-
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    seen to be extensively disorganized, and the seat of copious
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    boundaries designated as normal correspond to such a mean position of
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    Fortunately in children the position of the opening of
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    The *• classification" is excellent, based, as it
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    13. Lehman, E. P.: Jour. Biol. Chem., 1913-1914, If, 495.
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    Or. Harriet E. I reston, of Rochester, the first woman to seek recognition by the
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    yellow, leaden, and earth-coloured tint, with green and blue
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    inherited, but a general psychopathic constitution in which the alcoholic
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    troubled with their head when anything is the matter
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    1. Zesas. — Extirpation of the Spleen. (Arch, fur
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    The Registrar read the minutes of the previous meeting, which were adopted as read
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    matter of habit, of course the results from neglect
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    to subsidiary hospitals by arrows pointing to the left, and return
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    like organs opening into the axillse of the pectoral fins, on which there are
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    company he is interested in is being victimized, he is very likely to give
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    always secondary to some other afiection, such as paralysis of the rectum.
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    Higginson syringe, the intermittent action of which
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    ment in the muscular coat of arteries and veins, in the muscular
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    Its use saved many lives, and in abdominal operations the very best
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    this aspect. The true test as to figures should surely be taken from
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    There is great restlessness, prostration, weakness of memory,