symptoms does indicate general paralysis, and does not point to

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was screaming madly of "black dogs" and "men under the bed."

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but more frequently without any obvious symptoms. In the most acute

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of whom he seems to have been a devoted disciple. Of even

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and, although the lesions are not pathognomonic, the pitting of the surface

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Prognosis. — Patients suffering from psoriasis vary so greatly in their

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indicated. The bromide of ammonium may be combined with other

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years. In speaking of the proximate causes of epithelioma mention must

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essentially prurigo papules. Genuine urticaria, as seen in the adult, may

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cator, the solution remains colorless, except at local regions where

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cribriform plate of the ethmoid, which is a very common effect of concussion.

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vol. ix. p. 278. — 11. Krafft-Ebing. Allg. Wien. med. Zlg. 1894, vol. xxxix. pp. 361,

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many times with the same technique, the estimate 95

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family, or in a particular house or barrack, where emanations from drains

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able periods, may be resorted to ; but, should distinctly localised pain be

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bulla, the eruption is not what we now .call pemphigus, but is called

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and spinal cases I can say little : I have never had time to apply it myself

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(1) (a) If graduated Wintrobe sedimentation tubes are

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you, you say, *Oh, that's a matter of a few days,' instead of

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chronica ; Elephantiasis sclerosa ; Sclerodactylias ; Morphea, etc. ; Fr.

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names ; and, wherever it be situated, it is better to speak of an eruption

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stuffs in the diet. It is characterized by coarse hair and

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Systematised Delusional Insanity. Dr. Conolly Norman

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delight taken by Radcliffe "in preserving my Lord Chief

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dyspepsia. Schlesinger observed a case, in an adult, in which tetany

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tificates of cure. No certificate should be given until the complete

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done simply by reassuring the patient, who conceives it to mean some

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nerve signs have been described, and are not repeated here. These children

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chromic acid solution is a method adopted in the Prussian army with

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