the medical man who signs the certificate. It would be calamitous if the

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work the professor begins literally ab ovo, inasmuch as he

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Mr. E. H. Addenbrooke, Kidderminster. , (B) Mr. E. J. Boustead, Hex-

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sculpture, and though some of the recent additions are less

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confer renown on this Society for all time. The work of this

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believed tliere was a good deal of looseness in tlie way death

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With regard to more general diseases, Egyptian medicine

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of chlorosis and anamia. I have for this purpose only used

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tion is as follows; "The peculiarity of my eyes consists in

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no Government is likely to introduce an amending Bill so

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The principal interest of the case is the number of

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For some four years he had adopted the suggestion of Dr. D.

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Government in favour of the Government taking up the

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thing be adduced which deserves a place by the side of the

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Jezek (F.). Umsturz der llarveysclien lehre vom Blutkreislaufer. 1892.

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possible, and that, perchance, the progress of the disorder

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No. 1 silk braid passed with a milliner's needle. The rest of

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he also vomited. He was first seen as an out-patient on

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like a hedgehog it is all points. It should be read in its en-

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after all, the cholera bacillus may be merely " a necessary aid

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I had reduced it to a mere disc. The abdominal wound was closed. No

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Dortld the motion, which was carried by acclamation Mr. Hale pointed

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Under Fire Ytars' rof/rsr.— The following candidates pascd the entire

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to 91 in 1892 ; but the loss of life from the miscellaneous underground

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boiled water was used for irrigating the surface, instead of an

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they reside must be notified to the medical officer of health for sucli

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♦Bedford. R. T., Guy's. George, 1.. King's College.

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B. Dickinson, University (lollege; N. F. Edwards, Owens College;

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•seen on all, those upon the bine being larger and coarser than

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charges ? It should be remembered that the foreign area may

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duly pigeonholed, and will remain, now that the excitement

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Brigade Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel Supple entered the service as Assist-

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jejunum was quite firm, and the outline of the omental graft

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ant gets either his half-crown or his shilling, according to

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Camp Hill were occupied by Mr. Williams, who carried on

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making a post-mortem examination, and the methods of pre-

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anpointraent, the court will proceed to tlie election of an Assi-^tant

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than CcBsarean section when undertaken by a man who has

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for the diffusion of the disease is rejected by the Commis-

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"Three years in a rank "before being permitted to retire

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