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Physical Forces, PAH. Trans., 1S50) ; so the medical

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2. The second inquiry presents some intrinsic difficulties, and is not

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blood and venous congestion of the brain, opium in any form

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and in which slight cracks form when the i^art is moved, TIio couree

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air or carbonic acid gas driven forcibly through the mixture.

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from the restricted and feeble muscular activities of such classes

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which was successfully done on perfectly healthy organs.

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OstcSoine du sinus frontal. Bull, et mem. Soc. de chir

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nearly three months she had taken the child regularly to

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Treatment of Gout. — As the etiology of this dis-

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M.D.Glasg. (M.B., 1898), D.Sc, for her work as Medecin en Chef

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brought about by a slight laryngitis and anxiety concerning

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paint it each night and morning with the tincture of iodine. Hot

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