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some other affection. Rosenstein saw a patient in whom the chronic kidney

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Scarfield suggested that mere inspection of cows by a veterinary surgeon

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For the present, its use is recommended only in carefully selected

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an absence of free hydrochloric acid in the gastric secretion, while in

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1875. J Parry, Peculiar Form of Puerperal Fever. 59

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'Many of the more severe symptoms accompanying contusion may

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20. This, again, was a bilateral affection of both the ulna and the radius. As

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lation, and we believe will become more frequent in both

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the duration of the disease it diminishes the chance of secondary lesions, which increase

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and melt in it a piece of white wax and a little loaf sugar.

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results of this method of treatment were disappointing

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native product of which we know everything ; such as our own

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tality from septic disease among lying-in women, even from

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Best of all, if you are among the first ten percent to purchase a Muirfield

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