adopted. Resolutions were also passed thanking donors and

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Of course, when all is said, the hypothesis, so fascinating in

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of the cancerous uterus. Dr. Schroder said that, if one case in twenty could be

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mosquito bite. Bastianelli, Celli, Dionisi, Buchanan,

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in the Hospital, especially in cold weather. Mr. Clarke

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When the gastric symptoms reach to any height, the rheumatic

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deeply into the pelvis as I could reach. When I saw

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the blood-pressure at the same level. True delayed shock is very

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rare cases, syphilis was transmitted. Nowadays lymph is so easy to

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10. Kopp : Die Trophoneuroseu der Haut, Vienna and Munich, 1886.

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wheelwrights, 3 blacksmiths, 3 saddlers, 3 farriers. VII. Train.

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Original Drawings. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co., 1889. Pp. xvii-

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these men as Mr, John Doe or Dr. John Doe. Out of respect

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Dr. Bray — As I understand it, our public prosecutor does not submit every case to the

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far as the lower end of the ulna, from three quarters of an inch

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schr. V. Geneesk,, Amst., 1884, xx, 4'0-494. — Paoli

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ten. It is not very uncommon in adults, but is extremely rare in old age.

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Mrs. B., married, with three children, was referred to me

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then obliged to resort to spoon feedings to keep it alive. In this her

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the effects of such lesions upon the nutrition and growth.

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with a burden in the form of a child going to a profes-

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Dr. Baeber (in reply) : In answer to Dr. Eddowes' question as to the