process in water purification. It is the cheapest way of removing rela-
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should be to make her "fit" as the trainer phrases it. Every organ, every func-
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to expose this segment of the artery on the outer side of the tendon
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delegates to so record their votes. Several of the local societies had also
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His history was negative. Present illness began three months before with
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the secreting power of the organ, at length induce that condition described
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ligature; then if the ligatures have been introduced at
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been found so dilated as readily to admit one's finger. Cullen's
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Symptoms. — ^These come on rapidly and with more or less local severity
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Amongst these is the endowment of two studentships, — one student
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any time and at any season and also at any place and
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states the fact that muscular weakness is almost inva-
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said to be ill of his symptoms than to be ill of his disease, and,
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of acute rheumatism — hot, swollen, painful, tender
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bone,^ which possesses, I think, most of the advantages of the
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plan insisted upon by the majority of modern European writers on
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membranes ; and (2) oedema of the sub-chorial connective tissue, which is
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will readily suggest themselves) be considered pos-
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Change of climate, therefore, is to be advised under certain circumstances.
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us to infer the existence of this disease with great certainty. The signs
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universities has forced a rapid increase in salaries in all simi-
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place in an infant at the breast, the quality of the
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what amount of lying forwards will be required, but, as in cases of retroversion,
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1 "There is hardly a natural process to be found which is not accompanied by
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the time, by myself and others who watched the rabbit, for an
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pericardium, and gas being evolved from chemical changes in the pus. The
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adults stimulation of the sole of the foot is followed
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the disease, — not as a last resource, when death from asphyxia
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The excessive bitter taste of the solution is very much obscured by